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Working on a zombie

Work In Progress / 09 April 2021

Dress that baby up! :)

Gimmi a kiss sugar!

Low poly so i can load a bunch of them at the same time!

The graveyard full of zombies - Unity3d HDRP

Work In Progress / 14 January 2021

This is what i'm working on right now, it's a unity 3d scene of a graveyard with zombies. I did this for mobile at first but i just want to make something interesting in HDRP.

I have another HDRP scene here:

More work on the old master

Work In Progress / 06 November 2020



Here i just tested some hair looks to see the way i should go forward with the hair. What do you think?

Remember kids: always have fun! :)




Old martial arts master

Work In Progress / 19 October 2020

I've start working on this model back in 2016 and now i want to finish it by making it game ready for Unity3d, perhaps with a nice animation and a cool pose.
At first it was supposed to be pre-rendered so thats why i did few renders with v-ray.  This tutorial from by Luc Bégin really helped me on the skin shader and texturing.
Look i know that I'm dumb and i make a big mistake but i just cannot tell the difference :( is this a Chinese kung fu martial arts master or a Japanese martial artist. I need to know before i go any further with texturing the clothing and stuff.

Thank you and i hope this stays only between you and me! ;)